Friday, 19 January 2018

Raven (LNER) Q6: Colour Pictures, LNER

This week we take a look at the Raven Q6 under the London and North Eastern Railway. The  LNER was the second largest of the Big Four railway companies created by the Railways Act 1921 in Britain. It operated from 1 January 1923 until nationalisation on 1 January 1948 and we start with the livery used from 1923 until the early war years.

Being black already the Q6 was not subject to change to Wartime black as many engines were during this period however from 1941 the tender emblem was simplified to just N E (presumably to save time for the sign writers?) and the buffers were changed from red to black.

Following WW2 the Q6 was given the new Gill Sans style numbering and lettering and this was used officially for the short period from 1946 until 1948 when all of the Big Four companies were nationalised into British Railways. However it took many years to repaint everything into BR liveries and as the Q6 was not a passenger engine it is quite possible that members of the class could still be carrying this livery as late as 1955.

Next week we will be looking at the final set of liveries, as seen under British Railways; the clean and the not so clean!

Friday, 12 January 2018

Raven (LNER) Q6: Colour Pictures, NER

Happy New Year everyone!
After a very nice break over Christmas we are now back in full swing and over the next 3 weeks we will be bringing you pictures of all of the Q6 liveries and today we are starting with the birth of the class under the North Eastern Railway.

120 Q6's (at this time referred to as NER T2's) were built from 1913 until 1921 for hauling the rapidly expanding mineral traffic of the early 20th Century, and all members will be available in our add-on with the correct numbering and liveries. Despite being solely for pulling freight the NER still took the effort to make their engines look well turned out and this is where we begin with the livery used from 1913 until 1917.

The cab was similar to other Raven designed engines of the period, featuring an engine brake - a train brake being superfluous due to mineral traffic being unfitted - and also steam powered reverser.

The livery was slightly changed in 1917 when the numberplate on the cab side was drastically reduced in size and the engine number was added to the tender between the traditional NE lettering. It retained the red lining and also the NER crest on the rear sand box.

In 1923 the NER became part of one of the new "big four" companies, the LNER, and it was time for a new appearance however the NER livery made another showing from 1975 until 1982 as the North Yorkshire Moors' newly preserved Q6 No. 63395 was numbered as No. 2238 and repainted, in the livery it had as an NER T2, for the celebrations at Shildon. She continued to run at the NYMR in this livery until 1982.
In this preserved livery the Q6 is fitted with a vacuum brake so she can be used on passenger services.

Next week we are off to the LNER to see what they did with the Q6 over their 25 year ownership.

Friday, 22 December 2017

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Thanks to everyone for your support in 2017. We hope you have a restful Christmas and a train filled 2018.

Thursday, 21 December 2017

Christmas Sale 2017

You know what we were thinking the other day? We were thinking, hey it's been a long time since we had some kind of sale! And look what shows up!
This one is branded with Christmas so it will really make Santa smile if you buy a new train with an awesome discount on it, it really will. It runs from now until 4th January and will be the last sale until the next one!

Click this link to see all of our DLC on Steam or click on an image below to view a particular DLC.

Stroudley A1/A1X Class 'Terrier' - 30% off

GWR Saint Class & Travelling Post Office - 30% off

BR Saint & Travelling Post Office Livery (Marketplace - requires GWR Saint Pack) - 50% off

USATC S160 - 30% off

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Friday, 15 December 2017

16th December, Advent One Day Sale - USATC S160

We are delighted to announce that the huge USATC S160 locomotive pack is on sale for today as part of Train Simulator's Advent Sale.
It has its largest EVER discount, a whopping 50% off... but only for today so grab it quick from the Dovetail Games Store!

If you're not aware of the S160 locomotive (or our largest DLC pack to date) then read on...

During World War II, it was realised that, if allied attempts to enter the European mainland were successful, there would be a shortage of locomotives for the mass movement of troops and equipment due to the state of the railways after years of war.

As a result, two locomotives were designed specifically for the purpose of heavy freight movements – the British War Department Austerity 2-8-0 and the USATC S160, the latter being designed by a committee made up of the USATC and locomotive builders Alco, Baldwin and Lima.

Despite this slightly unconventional method of ‘design by committee’, the S160 was a resounding success – a wide, riveted steel firebox driving powerful 26” pistons produced 31,490lb/f of tractive effort; a Westinghouse pump for air brakes mounted on the smokebox also gave the S160 its off-centre smokebox door design.

In total, more than 2,100 locomotives were shipped worldwide, every country making its own changes and modifications, and every one with their own livery. Of this mass production, 800 of the Class landed in the UK and were fitted with vacuum brakes, while 200 were built for the Russian loading gauge of 1,520mm. Named Ша (ShA), they were used to help the Soviet war effort, and after the war were taken into regular service. By 1957 50 had even been converted to narrow gauge and named Шy.

After the war, the S160s were scattered all over the world and continued to be maintained and used in almost every Allied country, including Algeria, China, Hungary, Korea, Mexico, Peru, Spain and Turkey. Some of the Class were in use in daily service as late as 1997 – a considerable feat given the expected design life was just 90 days!

The USATC S160 for Train Simulator comes in a huge number of liveries representing their long and well-travelled history.
  • USATC Wartime Black
  • USATC Wartime Grey
  • USA Alaska Railroad
  • USA Army
  • Longmoor Military Railway
  • BR Preserved
  • USSR Ша (wartime and post wartime)
  • Poland Post-War and Poland Black Wartime
All are available with appropriate fittings: Hook/Vacuum (UK), Hook/Air (Europe), Buckeye/Air (USA), Willison/Air (USSR)
Also numerous optional historical parts allow thousands of combinations to be created.

Provided with Simple, Standard and Advanced driving modes there is enough to keep all sim drivers happy; for those who use Xbox controllers and HUDs to those who demand a full simulation of the engine and cab controls.

As well as all of these a large number of unique wartime rolling stock items are included:
  • USATC 56 Ton Flat Car with load
    • T34-76 (USSR)
    • T34-85 (USSR)
    • M10 Tank Destroyer
    • Cromwell
    • Char B1
    • US6 Military Truck (Loaded as single or double, with 5 random variations of truck)
  • 40ft Flat Car with load
    • USSR Ша locomotive (1520mm gauge) delivery
    • USSR Ша tender (1520mm gauge) delivery
  • USATC 9900 Gallon Tank
  • USATC Caboose
  • Warwell with load
    • Cromwell
    • M10
  • USSR 20 Ton Flat Car with load
    • Katyusha
    • ZIS-3 75mm Anti-tank gun
  • USSR Brake Van
    • Green and brown

Add to all of this 10 scenarios for 3 routes and 68 Quick Drives and this is by far the largest pack we have ever produced. In fact we think it's the biggest locomotive DLC produced by anyone so far.

Available today on the Dovetail Games Store with a fantastic 50% off, grab yourself an engineering hero with a unique history that not only played its part in the worldwide Allied victory in World War 2, but also helped many countries to recover from the damage of the war by providing hundreds of easy to run and easily modified locomotives when the fighting ended.

Friday, 1 December 2017

Raven (LNER) Q6: Tender, and Everything

Not a huge amount to say about this one other than.. it's the tender for the Q6!

Plenty of detail on the front face for the player in-cab views.

And how it looks all together: engine, cab and tender

The next task is the tedious unwrap and then it will be time to have some fun and get out the paint brushes.
This image is rather inspirational for the final days but we'll be doing NER, LNER and Preserved liveries as well!

Friday, 24 November 2017

Raven (LNER) Q6: Cab WIP

Today we move on to the cab model of the Q6.

Starting with a basic shell we fill in the basic backhead components to help scale everything correctly, along with laying over the plan diagrams.

The main shell has these rather stylish seats/footboards added and the rest of the components start to go into place. This render was taken at the end of a days work and contains a text object on the right hand side reminding us to add a specific item next time we start modelling - just one of the techniques we use alongside todo lists to make sure no element is forgotten.

The left hand side front sander lever mechanism has been added along with the cylinder cocks lever on the right hand side. In addition behind the vacuum brake pedestal the steam reverser lever can just be seen.
Although these images show the steam heat dial (the left most of the two left hand dials) this will be removed for all liveries prior to preservation as Q6's were not designed for passenger duties and had no steam heat fitted until the 70's.

Next week we will have the cab finished and then it will be time to move on to the tender.